3 Myths of the Internet Home Based Business Industry – Industry Based Business

Many things have been said about the home based business industry offline but even more myths are perpetuated online about internet home based business ventures. This causes some people to regard all such internet based opportunities as scams. This article therefore attempts to correct some of these myths.1. Get rich fastThe simple answer to this is like what most people say, if it sounds too good to be true it often is. Many internet home based business ventures require hard work and some monthly investment. If your program does not have these components, then there is a chance that it might be a “work at home scam”. Always view “get rich quick schemes” with a healthy dose of suspicion. I suggest you do some minimum due diligence on Google on your home based business before you spend money or time on that home based business.Some months ago I invested some money into a work at home scam and later when I took a look at the website, the operators of that racket ran off with my money. I learnt later that the particular program was a scam and learnt really fast from that loss.2. You are selling somethingYou are not a salesman selling pills and potions even though that may be your product. Your role as an internet home based business owner is to convince another person to distribute your products. There is a difference here between the two. In the first case you could be begging your prospect to signup but for the second one, your prospect sees you as a serious business owner looking to expand his distribution reach. Your focus is therefore to make more sales via your new distribution agent. So like a conventional business person you need to interview your potential distribution agent and you make the final decision rather than persuading the other party to join.Mary tried this method and found that her total attitude changed when she was talking to her internet home business prospects. She found that she was looking for them rather than they looking for her. She also realized that in this way she only spent her time working with qualified persons who were as enthusiastic in building a home based business as she was.3. All schemes are pyramidsDid you know that the Insurance Industry compensation scheme is a lot like a mlm business? Thus the real reason why this myth is perpetuated is because a lot of downlines do not make money from the programs they are involved in. The real test of whether a program is a pyramid scheme is whether you earn money from recruiting people or whether a real products is being sold and you earn a commission from selling that product. This means that if a product is being sold, you will still make money even if you do not recruit another person into your sales organization.In conclusion, there are many myths regarding the internet home based business industry online but not all of them may be totally false. Myths since days of old are told to reinforce some value or principle and today in the internet age, it is up to each individual to spend some time examining the home based business that he is in to see if the warning from each myth applies.
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The Role Of A Coach In A Home Based Business – Industry Based Business

In a traditional office, when an employee has a problem, he or she consults with the manager. When a senior manager has a problem, he or she can consult and seek help from the higher management. Directors or entrepreneurs can talk to their stakeholders, hire business consultants and seek opinions and recommendations from industry experts on important decisions, strategies and ideas. When you work from home or have a home based business, who do you go to when you need some help?You can start to make money from home or you may successfully launch your home based business but you would always be in need of some professional help from a coach or an expert who knows more than you. This is imperative in any industry. Every self motivated and ambitious individual needs to be coached, irrespective of his or her talents, skills, diligence and sincerity. The role or significance of a coach in a home based business cannot be overstated. Whether you make money from home or you are planning to take your home based business to a completely new level, you would need the expert guidance of a coach at some point in time or the other.Apart from the occasional help, many aspiring businessmen and businesswomen require the guidance of a coach even before starting a home based business. Industry experts, market watchers, motivational speakers, business coaches and professional consultants are in constant demand across the world, because of their ability to shed light on aspects that an aspirant wouldn’t be able to fathom or strategize. Even before you start a home based business, the advices of a coach or following an expert would make a huge difference in your planning and implementation of the idea.Every man and woman in the world needs help from a more seasoned and veteran professional in a certain line of work. Some people dedicate their professional lives to finding the best and the latest success mantras in a particular industry. It is imperative that the aspirant and the veteran come together for the success of both.A coach is your troubleshooter, rectifier and motivator. The encyclopedic juggernaut of information, updates and tips that you can get form a coach can solely determine if you would be able to chalk out a successful path for your home based business or not.When you work from home or start a home based business, do what you can do and succeed in and do it differently from others.